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Application for the Film Prize

Purpose of the Film Prize for international cooperation

The Film Prize for International Cooperation offers young filmmakers from Germany in the fields of production, directing, camera, and screenplay the opportunity to carry out a joint film project with colleagues from the Arab World.

Eligible are joint production teams consisting of German nationals and members from an Arab country. Individuals may not apply. The production of the film should take place in both Germany and the partner country. The interaction between both cultures is an essential factor of the competition.

The Film Prize enables the winning filmmakers to acquire skills and experience that are vital to their future work in the film business, notably social skills and the ability to adapt to new and difficult parameters in an efficient and goal-oriented manner. The filmmakers make new contacts with other film artists, which broadens their horizons and offers new perspectives on problems and their solutions.

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Schyle Filmwork
Karin Angela Schyle
Mobil phone +49 (0) 176 600 10 787

Young filmmakers and students or graduated students from film and media academies from Germany and the Arab World are eligible for the contest.

Only German-Arab film teams, who want to realise a joint film project, may submit applications.

The German producer must submit the project.

The team must feature a
  • producer
  • co-producer
  • director
  • camera operator (not for animated films)
  • screenwriter

The team may have additional positions such as cut, music, etc.

Joint production teams must have at least four members. There should be a balanced mix of Arab and German team members. At least two members must originate from the partner country.

The working language in the scope of the competition is English. Contestants must be able to communicate in English.

The application has to be submitted in English!

Application form


Schyle Filmwork
Karin Angela Schyle
Mobil phone +49 (0) 176 600 10 787
Submission Requirements
  • A completed application form of the online application portal 
  • A table of contents
  • A  factsheet with title, logline, length, format, language, team in brief, total amount and amount applied for
  • A detailed project outline (including synopsis, treatment for documentary, script for short fiction film, scetches from the storyboard/moodboard for animation) 
  • A concise statement on the candidates’ motivation (director and producers)
  • The team roster and an account of how the team met
  • CVs and filmographies 
  • A comprehensive budget plan, detailing projected costs and financing 
  • A completed, recent film by the team’s director (as reference and preferable in the category of the submitted project), a video link should be included in the application form, if available

All materials for the submission have to be in English language!

Application form


Schyle Filmwork
Karin Angela Schyle
Mobil phone +49 (0) 176 600 10 787
The Grant

The winning teams may use the Robert Bosch Stiftung grant of up to 60,000 euros per film for the following items:
  • allowances for meals and accommodation at the film locations during the grant period
  • travel expenses
  • production costs (cut, copies, rental of technical equipment etc.) Filming material and the purchase of technical film equipment such as cameras, post-production tools etc. are not allowed. Hard disks are accepted.
  • purchased skills such as DOP, actors, technicians, musicians, etc.. but not the fees for producer, director (these should either be listed as deferrals or be covered by third funds)

The grant is provided for the team and can cover the total financing of the film project. Further financial means are not mandatory except the means of the deferrals. However, an additional fund of the Arab partner country would support the idea of co-producing.

It should be noted, that the Robert Bosch Stiftung wants to keep the majority in funding in order to preserve the non-commercial rights on the film.

Winning contestants will be issued a grant by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The German producer acts as the grantee and is thus accountable to the Robert Bosch Stiftung regarding the proper use of the funds.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung offers the following additional optional services:

  • Production counseling
  • Mediation of contacts with film and media artists
  • Film promotion


Application form


Schyle Filmwork
Karin Angela Schyle
Mobil phone +49 (0) 176 600 10 787
Financial statements and supporting documents

After the grant period has ended, the production teams must produce the following:
  • the completed film
  • a complete financial statement of all expenses incurred by the team (in accordance with Robert Bosch Stiftung requirements)

Patent rights for the films remain with the producer. The Robert Bosch Stiftung has the right to use the supported films for non-profit purposes in the scope of their non-commercial activities.

Application form


Schyle Filmwork
Karin Angela Schyle
Mobil phone +49 (0) 176 600 10 787
Competition Process

The call for entries for the 2017 Film Prize for International Cooperation Germany/Arab World is open. Deadline for submission is in July each year.

The competition process has several steps.

Step 1
Selection and viewing will only be conducted by means of formal criteria.

Step 2
A selected jury nominates the 12 best teams and projects (usually four per category) by August 15, 2016. The applicants will be notified directly after. The Nomination is not mean receiving the grant. 

Representatives from each nominated team will be invited to several training units in autumn/winter:
  • Project Development in Bremerhaven/Northern Germany Sept 27 to Oct 01, 2016
  • Producers Meeting in Dhashur/Egypt Oct 24 to 27, 2016
  • Pitching Rehearsal in January 2017 (exact date tba)

Step 3
Following the Pitching Rehearsal the teams present their project idea to the international Jury who will then select three projects to receive the grant.

Step 4
All nominated teams will be invited to Berlinale in February. The winners will be announced at a gala held during Berlinale Talents on February 12, 2017.

Step 5
The production can start shortly after. The German producers will receive a training on how to use the non-commercial fund.

Step 6
At the evaluation meeting the following autumn/winter, the teams can discuss the current status of their work together with the jury.

Step 7
The winning films will be pre-screened as work in progress at the award ceremony during Berlinale Talents.

Up to two members of each winning team will receive the opportunity to participate in Berlinale Talents at the Berlin Film Festival.

Legal action is prohibited.

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Schyle Filmwork
Karin Angela Schyle
Mobil phone +49 (0) 176 600 10 787