Being Nominated

After the Project Market Amman and the Arab Animation Forum the call for applications for the next round of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung runs from May until end of July. Teams of Arab and German filmmakers, having either met at the Project Markets or found each other elsewhere, can prepare their project dossier for submission.

Late August, a selection committee will meet and discuss the submitted applications, and will nominated up to ten film projects, which will then compete for the upcoming Film Prize.

Representative members of each nominated team will be invited to two tailor made workshop: the Project Lab in Cairo and Dahshur in Egypt and the Pitch Forum in Berlin. Finally the teams present their project to an independent Jury.

The three winner teams will be announced by the international Jury at the award ceremony held during Berlinale Talents, who then receive the prizes each worth 60.000 €.