Documentary: Gaza Surf Club

Germany 2016
87 Min., Cinemascope, 1:2,39, color, Arabic/English with English subti

Team: Director & Script: Philip Gnadt (Germany)
Producers: Michael Dupke (Germany), Stephanie Yamine (Egypt/Libanon)

Title: Gaza Surf Club
Genre: Documentary
Length: 87 min
Distribution: Farbfilm-Verleih

In Gaza, trapped between Israel and Egypt and ruled by the Hamas, a young generation is drawn to the beaches. Sick of occupation, war and religious fanaticism they have found their own means of protest: surfing, breakdance and parkour.

Jury statement:
The jury praised its power to inspire and the originality of following the passion of surfers and breakdancers in Gaza.

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The Team

Mickey Dupke (left), Philip Gnadt and Stephanie Yamine (right)