Animation: Manivelle - Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow

Germany/Lebanon 2017
29 min, HD color, Arabic with English and German subtitles

Director & Script: Fadi Baki (Lebanon)
Producers: Niklas Hlawatsch & Bernadette Klausberger (Germany), Jinane Dagher & Sabine Sidawi (Lebanon)

Title: Manivelle - Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow
Genre: Animated Documentary
Length: 29 min

After three quarters of a century in Lebanon, a robot that is built to last forever, searches for its final resting place.

Jury statement:
The jury granted the animation award to the project that through its characters we witness the tribulations of a country. The main character of the winning project however is not human. This project takes us through 68 years of Lebanon’s history. It was recognized for its artistic and creative approach, and most of all for its uniqueness.


The Team