Short Fiction Film: Dry Hot Summers

Germany/Egypt 2015
30 min., digital, color, Arabic with English subtitles


Director: Sherif Elbendary (Egypt)
Script: Nura Elsheikh (Egypt)
Producers: Claudia Jubeh (Germany), Hossam Elouan (Egypt)
DOP: Victor Credi (Egypt)

Title: Dry Hot Summers (Har .. Gaf .. Sayfan)
Genre: Short fiction film
Length: 30 min
Worldsales: mec film (Irit Neidhardt)

Two lonely people at opposite chapters of life accidentally meet on a busy summer day in a Cairo taxi. Frail old Shawky and bubbly young Doaa are both caught up in their busy routines as their race through the city evolves into a journey of self-discovery that reconnects them to life.

Jury statement:
The team convinced the jury for its very precise acoustic and visual concept and its love for details on a bitter sweet story of ordinary people in a dusty hot city.

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