Short Fiction Film: The Parrot

Germany/Jordan 2016
15 min., HD CAM, color, Arabic/Hebrew/Yiddish with English subtitles

The Team
Directors: Amjad Al Rasheed, Darin Sallam (Jordan)
Script: Rifqi Assaf (Jordan)
Producer: Roman Roitman (Germany), Deema Azar (Jordan)
DOP: Samer Nimri (Jordan)

Title: The Parrot
Category: A dark comedy about origin, identity and social adaptability
Length: 15 min

A Mizrahi Jewish family from Morocco, who tries to settle in to their new life in 1948 Haifa, Palestine is haunted by a disturbing house guest, a left behind big red parrot from the former Arab residents.

Jury statment:
For an original story about displacement and adaption told from an unusual perspective with lightness and great love for details the jury awarded The Parrot.

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The Team

© David Ausserhofer, Berlinale 2015
Roman Roitman, Amjad Al Rasheed, Darin Sallam at the award ceremony