Animation: Clean Up The Living Room We've Got Visitors Coming

The team:
Director & Script: Ghassan Halwani (Libanon)
Animation: Ghassan Halwani (Libanon)
Producer: Inka Dewitz (Deutschland)

Title: Clean Up The Living Room, We've Got Visitors Coming
Category: Animation
Length: 20 min

In Beirut, a city stuck in a vicious cycle of destruction and reconstruction and struggling to bury its murky past, people who disappeared during the Lebanese Civil War resurface to assert their enduring presence, unleashed by a vagabond that falls on their traces and bothers to scratch the surface of representation and new ideals.

Jury statement:
A highly creative approach to an extremely complexed subject told from a very intimate point of view through an archeological search of a city’s history into the present time convinced the Jury.

The Team

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