Short Fiction Film: The Trap

Director & Script: Nada Riyadh (Egypt)
Producers: Ayman El Amir (Egypt), Eva Schellenbeck (Germany)

Titel: The Trap
Genre: Short Fiction
Length: 15 min

In a desolate, run-down Egyptian seaside resort, working-class Aya finds herself increasingly trapped by her domineering boyfriend Islam. To what lengths will she go to break free?

Jury statement:
It’s a story about pain and desperation, about the impossibility of finding reasonable solutions. It’s also a story set in a particular location, isolated and desolated,  at very specific moment of the Egyptian contemporary society.We are impressed by the artistic presentation of this project.  We feel that the director will be able to deal with the challenge of the film, with the thoughts, with the emotions, with the bodies and the frustrations of the main characters. With the visual profile and identity of the film. We trust her. And we trust the team. 

The Team

© David Ausserhofer, Berlinale Talents 2017
Nada Riyad, Ayman El Amir, Eva Schellenbeck