Short Fiction Film: Maradona's Legs

Director: Firas Khoury (Palestine)
Producers: Zorana Musikic (Germany), May Odeh (Palestine)

Title: Maradona's Legs
Genre: Short fiction
Length: 20 min

In a Palestinian village during the Football World Championship 1990, the young brothers Rafat and Fadel are   searching for “Maradona’s legs” - their World Cup album’s last missing sticker. Will they master the obstacles and accomplish their mission?

Jury statement:
For an entertaining but nevertheless political story, that empowers - especially children - to think and speak about identity, memories and nationality, that also inspires an audience to reflect upon their own childhood and - last but not least - for a convincing international team, the jury awarded this project. 

The team

© David Ausserhofer, Berlinale Talents 2018
May Odeh, Firas Khoury, Zorana Musikic