Animated Film: Splinter

Germany / Poland 2008
16:25 Min. / 35 mm, Color

Georg Gruber (Germany, Producer)
Wojtek Wawszczyk (Poland, Director)

Promotional Grant: 70,000 euros
Title: Splinter
Genre: Animation

"Splinter" is a story of a wooden bench from a park which falls in love with a girl. Only the girl seems to see the bench more than just an object. On the other side the bench lives in misunderstanding thinking that their "romance" develops.

It’s a story of a loss of a childhood and a desperate need for warmth and love in the first steps of an adult life. The recollection of a peaceful forest becomes a symbol of the lost childhood; afterall the bench is still a tree but with the dictated role of a bench for the adult life. The bench falls in love fast, full of trust and gullibility – forgetting of its nature. It’s the story of inescapability of our nature (therefore the title "Splinter"): we are who we are, and we can find real love in those who are not bothered of our nature.

The movie will be created with advanced 3D computer animation in combination with hand-drawn and painted elements, analogically to the previous award-winning productions of Wojtek Wawszczyk: "Headless", "Mouse", "Pingwin".

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