Short Film: MILAN

Germany / Serbia 2007
22:04 Min. / S16 mm, Color


Michaela Kezele (Germany, Director & Screenplay)
Kathrin Geyh(Germany, Producer)
Daniela Ljubinkovic (Serbia-Montenegro, Producer)

Promotional Grant: 50,000 euros
Title: Milan
Genre: Short Film

Yugoslavia during the 1999 NATO air-raids:
Two brothers are making plans to go and play “hide and seek” in the forest.  As Milan (6) gets to the meeting point on time, his brother, at the same time, is fighting for his life. As Milan starts looking for him, he surprisingly finds someone else …
MILAN tells the story of a small family during the confusing times of the war
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"MILAN" - Selected for the Student Academy Award

Michaela Kezele, whose concept for "MILAN" won our Co-Production Prize in 2006, is selected for the Student Academy Award after winning the "Grand Prix" at the Tampere Film Festival in Finland.