Facts and Figures

Submitted films


  • Mr. Roland Pellegrino (Miromar Entertainment AG)
  • Mr. Nikolaj Nikitin (editor-in-chief and publisher of the film magazine "Schnitt", foreign delegate for Eastern Europe at the Berliner Filmfestspiele)
  • Mrs. Dorothee Wenner (documentary filmmaker, festival curator)
  • Mrs. Christine Kopf (goEast festival director)
  • Mr. Heiko Holefleisch (ZDF-coordinator ARTE)
  • Mrs. Christina Kallas (screenwriter, producer)
  • Mr. Stefan Kitanov (festival director, producer)

Total grant sum:
210,000 euros

Nominations Announcement:
Nominations will be announced at the 12th Filmschau Baden-Württemberg on December 9th (Metropol Kino, Stuttgart).

Winners Announcement:
Winners will be announced at the award ceremony of the goEast Film Festival in Wiesbaden at the beginning of April 2007.