Short Film: Przyjaźń – Friendship

Germany / Poland 2008
33 Mi. / 35 mm. Color


Nicole Volpert (Germany, Director)
Joanna Kollbek (Poland, Producer)
Jamila Wenske (Germany, Producer)

Promotional Grant: 60,000 euros
Title: Przyjaźń – Grenzland
Genre: Short film

When his best friend Wojtek has a tragically accident in the forbidden boarderland between Germany and Poland, the ten-year Konrad must find a way to endure its pain. In the rituals of their common Indian play he finds comfort. But with the summer of the Indians ends also something of Konrads childhood.

Poles Joanna Kollbek (production) and Jamila Wenske (production), and German Nicole Volpert (director) tell the story of two boys in the German-Polish border zone. Their film is the powerful story of friends who meet and play in secret places. "In a border zone, language is always a key factor that may divide or unite people," the young filmmakers explain. "In our border zone, the forest that is the scene of their Indian games, the two can almost do without language." The movie toys with the language barrier between the children. In a humorous, child-appropriate manner, the faltering language and accents of Jercy and Konrad show how much easier it is to gradually acquire the foreign language and help each other through personal interaction. The screenplay was written by the two Germans Antonia Rothe and Katrin Milhahn. Radoslaw Ladczuk from Poland operates the camera. The film is shot in HDV format.