Short Film: Panihida

Germany / Moldova 2012
60 Min. / 35 mm, color

Director: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu (Moldova)
Producer: Jonas Weydemann (Germany)
Co-Producer: Lilia Braila (Moldova)

Grant: 69,000 Euro
Titel: Panihida
Genre: Short Film

Jury Statement:
The team won over the jury with its outstanding presentation of the story of a cumbersome and visibly absurd funeral procession through a Moldavian village. In “Panihida,” the director, who worked with amateur actors on the film, deals with the promising interplay between mourning and happiness.

Short Description:
Recently one of the oldest women living in a small village in Moldova died in one of the houses. Young and old generation come together in order to say goodbye to the old Lady who was mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor. Tradition collides with modern spirit, people from far away return and meet people who have never left the village. On a very hot day in August during the Panikhida – the orthodox burial-ceremony – it comes to an explosion of emotions, memories, facts and absurdities.

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