About the Prizes

Words by the Jury

"Being most probably after Frank Albers for the longest time in the Film Prize jury, I am very delighted to say some general words before awarding the winners.

At a time when I was still the director of the goEast Filmfestival I could luckily convince him and the foundation that Wiesbaden offers the perfect platform for the Film Prize. Dear Frank, I will never forget our first talks we had back then in Stuttgart.

Subsequently I could experience how creative ideas with a lot of heart and soul, energy and, of course, excitement were presented to the jury. The following discussions with my dear colleagues held with the same heart, soul and energy have been a great enrichment for me, thank’s to the talents and the jury. I have learned a lot.

Throughout these years we witnessed how a new generation of young directors and producers from Eastern-Europe and Germany came up and how strong and creative teams were formed. We have been enthusiastic about the rising artistic level and professionalism of the submitted project documents as well as the pitches, which often made the decisions very difficult. And we were very much impressed by those who realized their films even without the support of the foundation but with a lot of enthusiasm. Sometimes and to our delight they returned with new projects ideas.

After one decade I proudly can say, also in the name of my colleagues: the Film Prize has moved a lot in the development of carreers of the young filmmakers from Eastern Europe and Germany. And the prize has contributed to a lively network of cooperations – after first experiences with the Film Prize many teams continued working together.

Again this year we had heavy discussions and our decision wasn’t taken easily, because all projects were extraordinary promising. One project especially drew our attention considering the current and scary headlines from the Ukraine and Russia. We all agree that we need more than ever young and brave filmmakers who document injustice and atrocities and give a voice to resistance. Of course also film has a political dimension. Nonetheless, we keep our position, that political issues should not be favoured for artistic quality. For us the jury, the Film Prize always ment to keep cinematic ambitious standards.

Also this year we followed this guideline, and especially therefore it is our personal wish to highlight one team for dealing within this political category. We like to express our deepest respect for their important political committment.

Olga Kravets and Lasse Scharpen: we wish you all the power for your project about families of political prisioners in Russia. We, the jury, are prepared to look for alternative ways to support your project."

Christine Kopf (Germany), jury member at the award ceremony in 2014

"The time in Wiesbaden we spend for the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung is fullfilled with ideas enlightening the dark room of the jury meetings.

And we are happy, that the grant helps to make this light of great ideas visible for the audiences at the cinemas around the world! It´s just a pleasure searching this light!...."

Mait Laas, animation director (Estonia), member of the jury at the award ceremony in 2012

"Grace to the evolution over the years of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung not only the number of submissions increased tremendously. But the most fascinating thing is, that the quality of the talents involved marks a new level in the existence of the Film Prize.  Therefore it took long hours of discussions to reach an anominous decision on the winners.

We deeply congratulate all the participants for their passion, professionalism and creativity. We are sure that we’ll hear about their success around the world.

For us, people coming from smaller countries like the Eastern European countries it is almost impossible to survive in the field of the cinema without partners in the more Western countries.

The Film Prize is not only about a prize itself but most and foremost about common experiences, about discovering other cultures and points of view.
For us, the jury, it was an enriching experience to discover all the projects and we say a sincere thank you for sharing this with us.

As persons from the film world we, the jury, think that the initiative of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung is invaluable and we wish to discover an endless number of more talents over the next coming years."

Ada Solomon, producer (Romania), member of the jury at the award ceremony in 2013

Impressions Award Ceremony

photos: Karolina Sobel