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Animated Film: Breaking News

Director: Alexandra Lukina (Russia)
Producer: Aleksandra Szymanska (Germany)
Music Producer: Visar Krusha (Kosovo)

Grant: 70,000 Euro
Breaking News
Genre: Animation

A journalist is bored with the events around him in the quiet town he lives in. What can he do to make a big headline nonetheless?

Jury statement:
In the category animation the jury was convinced by a project that will be a clear statement on the artist's responsability for society. In a simple story but with the visual power of animation a young and promising team from very different countries found a common language and a common topic. For its excellent collaboration and for trying to unmask the manipulative impact of mass media the Co-Production Prize 2011 with an amount of 70,000 €  goes to the German-Russian-Kosovan project BREAKING NEWS.

Video - prize-giving: