Short Fiction Film: Wonderland

Germany / Romania 2012
22 Min., 35 mm, color

Director: Peter Kerek (Romania)
Producer: Alexander Wadouh (Germany)
Co-Procucer: Anca Puiu

Grant: 70,000 Euro
Titel: Wonderland (former "Pepsi")
Genre: Short feature film

A young boy steals a bottle of Pepsi from the beautiful house of a securitate officer, who is raping his mother.

Jury statement:
Because the jury believes that if we don't know our past, we can't properly build a future. Because the jury felt such a solid team sustaining the project, because of the steady evolution and preparation of the project the jury decided to award the 2011 Co-Production Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Video - prize-giving: